Growing up while growing old

by surrender884

These few months have taken me on a journey of no return. Returning to the old me that is. Last October  my faith turned 360 degrees because I found the real identity in saying one is a Christian. A life long belief in the god of my father was a lie. Why? Because there was doubt that He even existed. Sure there was the catechism of my church drilled into me. The baptism as an infant, Holy Communion, confirmation and the like. The profession of faith, the Apostles Creed, Vatican II all meant so much. So I thought but, when doubt creeps in a faith can be lost. And so it was with me.  Then by chance there was this pamphlet, not quite a protestant bible tract,  just something to catch your eye. One word , actually three in one, iamsecond. Yes my whole life changed because of a simple pamphlet. I watched short films of people of all kinds to live for God and others. Inspiring?  Of couse. Those stories meshed with my story. My whole outlook in the God who fashioned me never left even when I doubted. What perfect kind of love is that. So many times during and after my conversion prayer , deep prayer gives me faith knowing He listens and talks to me. Now I have grown up and grown old but ,that oldman is not inside of me anymore.