A quiet morning

by surrender884

Sometime ago when we agreed to keep our grandchildren from Friday evening through Saturday afternoon, I told my stepdaughter that we need off every so often. Well at 8am today the dog and I are watching PBS because the kids aren’t here this weekend. Normally the TV would be on and they would be tuned into Nickelodeon or Little Einsteins children’s programs.  I tried desperately to get them to watch Looney Tunes.  Too old fashion for their taste, if they had a taste at 2 and 4 years old. Anyway my wife, their grandmother sleeps in on Saturdays till her daughter arrives at four in the afternoon. Being a guy who never brought up children before meeting and marrying my wife this is new to me. Sometime two weeks ago I ranted to friends on Facebook how the kids misbehaved.  I wasn’t about to whack their diapered bottoms everytime they misbehaved.  Looking for wisdom from others eventually it came forward. Come to think of it, it was only women who offered advice. As if the guys were clueless or were not about to tell me on social media. I remember hearing it said that being grandparents we  have to realize grandchildren will eventually go home. Yes I am enjoying the silence and calmness today but, by golly I miss them already . They will be back soon enough and grandpa will enjoy every minute of their time with us again and again and again and….