by surrender884

My next door neighbor is across the street on our block clearing the debris leftover from winter. He and I maintain this no mans land because neither the city nor the railroad will claim it. After walking over to visit with him the conversation is about our jobs. He is 70 years old and still works in sheet metal fabrication. I’m 64 years old and fully vested in my employers pension. But this time the talk is of retirement.  I tell him about letting my employer know of my choice to retire in a year. My neighbor responds with. ” when he is mad enough that will be his time”. That made perfectly good sense to me. For years my fellow employees goad me about when I would retire. This pressure from them to know my retirement date really started to piss me off. My response to them was always,  ” when they pry my dead fingers off the stearing wheel, maybe”. Now that I am reaching the age where social security and medicare are available more thought on the matter is real. Still if I enjoy working why not do it. Like my sister tells me, if I can make it to 70 years of age I will be better off. The only problem I see with that is living long enough. Think I’ll wait for a sign saying go home and become a writer.