War veterans

by surrender884

We members of The Ancient Order of Hibernians in America,  an Irish-Catholic fraternal organization are always looking to bring in new members. Most connect with our division as we are called through our national office. Men inquiring for membership connect via email. Some come to us by being at an event we hosted. Being a fraternal organization veterans returning from war seek organizations like ours for the comradeship. When these guys come home the thought that no one is watching their back or the tight knit group they knew in war is absent. Even though they are home they never left the war. We brought in a new member recently. Right away you could sense he was reaching out to belong. I myself sponsored him. When trying to get a feel of what a new member wants to get by becoming a member is important. Some may not gain admittance either because he is not a practicing Catholic,  not of Irish birth or decent and joining for a reason that we don’t honor. In my interview with him he passed all requirements. The day of him taking his first degree in becoming a member,  called the Shamrock Degree I asked about his involvement during his tour of duty. His tour was Iraq and Afghanistan. From news reports and media outlets all the world knew of the kind of combat these men and women endured. There was only so much he would share which was reasonable because my intention  was not for him to relive it. The best advice he gave was a link to TED Talks.com. Watching the video at the link put everything about returning veterans in a perspective unknown to me. Keeping him active in our division was good for a few months but, eventually he drifted away. He and I keep in touch and I sense he is still searching for something we cannot fully give. I think of him often hoping he will find himself not at war. Love you, Brother.