by surrender884

One of my brother Hibernians and I were traveling this evening to an Irish music event. He and I hadn’t talked much one on one. I was asking him about his life. How long he had been living in Oklahoma, his Catholic faith and his family. The conversation became interesting when we shared our faith experiences. Being both members of the Ancient Order of Hibernians in America required both of us to be Roman Catholic and of Irish birth or decent. How you become Catholic is not always from birth so to speak. Some people join the Church later in adult life mostly because a spouse is Catholic.  This friend shared how he was in class to be confirmed.  We call it confirmation. I shared how since discovering the iamsecond movement I have grown immensely spiritual.  Spirituality was never anything I thought it would be.  Like many Christians I assumed that by attending church once a week and doing good works was all that needed to be done. Little did I know that to truly be a Christian one had to do more then just believe. Being a follower of Jesus and living according to the gospel was the difference. Now being open to the Spirit of the trinity I have been spiritually fed. There is another kind of joy now. Not just happiness but, joy. I freely want to share my faith with others, visit the sick and distressed,  feed the hungry and clothe those who need clothing. My life has purpose and a joy of being filled. My name is Howard Coughlin and i am second.