My second story

by surrender884

The reason for me to start a blog was to tell my story of living second. Living second is be a follower of Jesus and to put Him in my life above all else.

When I found the iamsecond web site there I discovered topics in thirty -four films from Affluence and Abortion to War and Work. Searching further led me to Life Questions. Questions anyone may have when looking for hope when all seems hopeless as I had.

Who is first?

Where does church fit into all of this?

How to talk to God?

What is so great about the bible?

How do I become second?

How can God be good if he lets bad things happen?

How else other than through Jesus?

How can God help?

Does God care about me?

Everyone of these questions were answered in a film. Most but not all of the films are of well known people. Some are athletes, writers, politicians and everyday people.

How did all of this fit into my life? They all shared their struggles, doubts and regrets. Same as I was at the time, I am offered a 22 day challenge, 22 days of films and sharing these films with my friends, family and coworkers. In 22 days I had become a better Christian, a better husband, a better grandfather and a better brother to my siblings.

I am second expanded into an app. The menu includes sections where people like me living second post in a talk section anything we may want to talk about. A talk could be one of sixteen topics from Grief to Sex. There is a section titled read where blogged posts are there to read and comment on.  Not all of us have our chance to tell our stories in films. So the app now has Second Stories. Here we who live second acknowledge what our lives were before living second to our lives now afterward. At my last count one hundred fourteen people like me and including me have our second story at the app.

What a joy filled life, where I know I am forgiven and know my purpose in life now.  Perhaps you know me better now and hope this movement will be shared by others. As always ,  Peace be With You.