by surrender884

Whoever decided that Daylight Savings time was a great idea hadn’t thought about the future. At my age( still undisclosed at this time) I may have to make a trip to the toilet to drain my bladder at night. If that happens it is always between three and four am. Most times getting back to sleep is fruitless. So now my sleep has still not adjusted to daylight savings time. I stay up one hour later before I am drowsy enough to get to sleep . You would think it would be to my benefit but, it is not with this time change.

Today it is extremely windy. Every plant that blooms in spring has done so. My allergies are starting to irritate my sinus . From now until the first frost the pharmacy will get a boat load of my money.

Maybe when I retire Arizona will look awfully enticing. Dryness, not as many blooming plants and senior living communities. What more could a guy ask for?