by surrender884

Some discussion on where to go on Easter Sunday came up the other day. In my world we all gather as a many of us who live near each other, at least within twenty miles of each other at family members home. Now for married couples the decision could be daunting . Do we go to her or his family’s gathering?

Now that I am old enough and have one living parent this isn’t a big decision. My mother lives in assisted living and cannot travel do to her condition. So on Easter Sunday I visit with her following church service that morning till she grows tired and needs to rest. Or I see her on the Saturday before Easter Sunday.

This takes me back to the discussion presented to me yesterday. My in-laws who have invited all of my wife’s family to their home every year. This year for them to travel even to a daughters home is out of the question. My mother in law is to weak to walk long distances. Her husband tires easy from take care of her every need plus he is in his eighties.

One of the nieces has invited everyone into her home this coming Easter Sunday. For all of the years my in laws had all of the families at their home now seems to not sit right with me and my wife.

One of the Ten Commandments says to honor your Father and your Mother. So my wife and I will prepare a meal for my in laws and us and spend Easter Sunday with them. Isn’t that honoring a father and a mother. For goodness sakes, just because our parents become unable to travel you don’t exclude them. You make every effort possible to include them. What really perturbed me was that the invite came from a family member who claims to be Christian. It must be the Irish wisdom past down through my upbringing that you welcome and provide nourishment when fitting. This year it is fitting.