Faith renewed

by surrender884

I had agreed to take my father in law to an appointment today. He was under the assumption from the instructions given to him when the appointment was made that a procedure would be performed to alleviate his discomfort. Without going into the details I will just say he has discomfort in his groin area.

We were taken to an examination room where the aide took his blood pressure, asked why he was there,  the regular questions asked from medical staff.  The urologist comes in , introduces himself, I explain who I am and the doctor asks my father about his discomfort. He proceeds to tell the urologist his history with this problem.There comes a point when the urologist asks what the date was when a procedure was done. My father in law says, it should be in his medical file history. The urologist says that since records were computerized that record is not searchable. Strike one against medical records being data now instead of a hard copy stored some place. I personally have lost faith in the medical profession over the years because of the slip ups with my wife’s treatment.

The discussion has entered into what the urologist can and cannot due to relieve my father in law’s discomfort . The urologist explains that since my father in law is on blood thinners and would have to stop taking it for so many days that alone would put him at risk for a heart attack before or after the procedure. Then he says that because of this and other heart related issues he will  not operate. The risk is to high and he won’t take the risk.

So my father in law says he can find a doctor who will do the procedure and the urologist agrees that he may find someone who will take the risk. Then he turns to me for my thoughts. I agree that if the risk is there don’t do it. The way to relieve this discomfort was to start wearing boxer briefs and take over the counter pain relievers.

Today my faith in the medical profession was renewed by a doctor who wouldn’t take the risk over profit.