Why Isn’t There A Hashtag #Christians?

by surrender884

When it happens here in the US then those who have no care in the world will know persecution.

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Laughing from down below – my little boy entertaining the crowd as only a three year old can. It’s Easter, we like so many are in family today; as it should be – a good thing. Food, drink, pie – so much pie. Joy.

We are lucky. So many suffer, we forget that for many people celebrating Easter is dangerous – a clandestine activity full of risk and subterfuge. Secret meeting places, multiple knocks on a wooden door – a code that conveys membership in a secret society of believers. Dark halls under imposing buildings. Secret clearings in forbidden woods; hushed voices reading the story.

It shouldn’t be like that – but it is definitely a condition that Christians are accustomed to. Since the days of the believers hiding in underground vaults in Rome to escape Nero’s insanity; to Chinese communist prison camps for those who dared to remember the…

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