Grown up

by surrender884

When I get older losing my hair

Many years from now

Will you still be sending me a valentine

Birthday greetings, bottle of wine

If I’d been out till quarter three

 Would you lock the door?

Will you still need me, will you still feed me

When I’m sixty – four?

The Beatles “When I’m Sixty – Four “

One day  out of the blue my wife says, that I never grew up. When I ask for an explanation, it is you never did. For the life of me I can see that I don’t look sixty – four. When I ask other people how old I appear to be, the answer is usually ten years younger then my age. I don’t feel as old as I am am. Sure there are the aches and pains from the labor intensive work I have done throughout my life. Other then that it is easier to relate with people younger then I than with other people my age.

When younger adults and teens call me sir, there is an appreciation for they being respectful. Actually inside there is still my youth waiting to grow up.

And if you should survive to 105

Look at all you’ll derive out of being alive!

And here is the best part, you have a head start

If you are young at heart.

Frank Sinatra, “Young At Heart”