by surrender884

You have seen the large black lettering on an orange background of road construction signs when entering a construction zone possibly. Well in my occupation that is where my work takes me frequently.

On Monday I received an email from the Oklahoma Department of Transportation announcing that the next two months, Oklahomans will have the opportunity to learn how they can be part of the “first line of defense” by putting away distractions and becoming more alert as soon as they see orange signs, cones and barrels along state highways and interstates.

Most of my work is in construction zones on city streets. For the last two days I have been inspecting traffic signal construction on a four lane divided thorough fare. The work zone is clearly indicated with 25 mph speed within the work zone. All day long the presence of motorcycle police officers are visible. Never the less hundreds of speeding tickets are issued to violators. Exceeding the posted speed limit in a construction zone has fine that is doubled when workers are present in Oklahoma.

Before I ever became an inspector I learned the construction methods by working on construction work crews. Many years ago we were doing bridge work and lost a work truck from an accident on the bridge involving a truck who entered the work zone to fast. Luckily we were working below the bridge deck.

The State of Oklahoma has made it illegal to text while driving. I can attest to the fact that it is still happening while observing others while driving everyday.

On May 9 the I-40 Sky Dance bridge in Oklahoma City and the Tulsa Performing Arts Center in Tulsa, will display orange lights to remember ODOT’s 59 fallen workers and serve as a visual reminder to put down distractions and get safely through work zones.

Two years ago two friends of mine who worked for a signal construction contractor were killed in morning rush hour traffic by a doped up kid who lost control of his vehicle. Attending these two men’s funeral really drove home the awareness of work zone safety.

It should be perfectly clear by now that I don’t blog for a living. I watch out for my ass while at work because most people don’t see me because they have a phone plastered to their head.

So please wherever you live and drive , GIVE US A BRAKE.