by surrender884

Last night I volunteered at an event here in Tulsa. Outcry Tour was in need of volunteers to help in whatever capacity needed. Outcry Tour comprised of four Christian music groups. Hillsong Worship, Jesus Culture, Passion, Elevation Worship, with Martin Smith an artist and pastor Brian Houston founder of Hillsong Church.

I chose this event to experience worship of Christians as one instead of separately in their own churches.

This was the third opportunity to volunteer at a Contemporary Christian Music event since January of this year. Each event was similar in its production.  Three or four groups well known for their type of Christian music at each event. Each artist or group has clothing, CDs, books and whatnot for sale at tables setup for this purpose. This is where volunteers are needed. Ticket prices alone were between $100 and $30.

It amazes me how much money is brought in at these event from the items we sold last night. I do understand that it cost so much for artist to go on the road for concerts like these. This tour alone was in fifteen cities in this country.

But something just didn’t feel right with me last night or it must have been a comprised of all the three events together.

It is just the idea of paying to worship together I guess. I do not pay before entering the church on Sundays or any day to worship my God. Yes, we should tithe to support the church .

I had the chance to experience worshiping in a way different then what I am accustomed to. Is it some other way I will do again? Probably not likely to happen. To each his own I always say.

For those of us who haven’t the resources or the need to attend these high priced events, we still know that we are one in worshiping our One True God where ever we may be.

Peace be With You.