Pain and Suffering

by surrender884

Yesterday we moved our mother to the memory care wing at her assisted living community. She is now using a wheelchair to assist in her mobility. She can stand though only for less then a minute.

Her mother before her had rheumatism just as my mother does. Never have I heard either of them complain about the condition.

Now as I have aged my fingers on my hands don’t straighten out. Placing my palms on a flat surface and trying to make the fingers straighten out is painful. Giving back rubs for my wife is impossible. When my neck moves about, right to left there is a faint crunching sound. Sitting in my recliner in a reclined position my right knee will rotate ever so slightly. While laying in bed rolling over on my left shoulder causes pain.It sounds like bone on bone.

The only complaining I do is to myself and my wife. Why complain about it anyway. It was inevitable.

My mother used to say to me, “Howard, don’t get old”. I knew at the time what she was referring to. Just the thought of the opposite of not getting older was not my plan. The only thought after hearing her say that was to be prepared for it. Now it has become part of my physical self and know it could happen made living with it easier.

Some people want something to relieve the pain. If the pain threshold chart is between one and ten, I am at eight and a half till a Tylenol is needed. Just Tylenol too, nothing by prescription.

Of course praying for relief has always weighted heavy on my mind. Many have taken their pain and suffering to our Lord Jesus. Plenty of people have been healed by a Marian Apparition. Even in the Gospels of the New Testament people were healed by just touching Jesus’s garment as he move through crowds. It is not faith alone that heals pain and suffering. It is faith in God and His power to heal us.

Scripture tell to ask and it will be given. Is my pain so great that it is unbearable? No it is not. When do we reach the point when suffering is to great to endure? When it does for me I may tell you.