Happiness is…..

by surrender884

This weekend was like most weekends when the grandchildren are with us. I normally get them after work on Friday evenings. By Saturday afternoon the grandchildren’s mother comes by to take them with her after school. This weekend the kids were with us till early Sunday afternoon.

At our age both my wife and I are needed to work together because one us can’t manage alone. The grandchildren are four and three years old. Between diaper changing, meals and snacks, cleaning up after them and changing clothes life is non stop.

There are moments of great joy. Our grandson is autistic, yet he says the most profound things. Yesterday he said , “I don’t think that is a problem”. Normally words don’t come out clearly spoken. See there is joy in hearing him express himself. He and my wife have a special bond. He and I take walks around the neighborhood and we converse some. He just walks on top of the curb and stops every so often to point out trees and plants.

Now my granddaughter ah, she has me wrapped around her finger they tell me. She thinks I am a Jungle Jim. Let her sit on my feet while I do leg lifts, push her up and down the driveway on her three wheeler and whatever else she can dream up. Today she sang the alphabet song a  b c d e f g…… now I know my abc’s….Then just before she left she sang, “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” song, word for word.  Children surprise you when you least expect it.

Sometimes when I hear the grandchildren are going to be with us all weekend I groan, ugh. But as soon as they are in my vehicle Friday afternoon the groaning turns to happiness.  In my prayers I thank God for giving me kids that call me Grandpa. Grandpa, the most joyful word in the universe.