Walk for Autism

by surrender884

Being a grandfather of an autistic child has been an educational experience. Ever since my grandson was diagnosed with the disorder, learning everything about it took me to many different internet sites. The one site that is most informative is Autism Speaks.org.

My mother taught me to support worthwhile organizations. Autism Speaks helps raise awareness, fund research, provide vital resources and advocates for the needs of people with autism. Though I am a man of limited means, purchasing t shirts, hats and wristbands are within my means. Every morning I slip on a autism speaks wristband along with my iamsecond wristband.

This year there are numerous walks supporting autism.The closest walk for Autism Speaks is out of state in Kansas or Texas. None were organized in our state of Oklahoma till I found our local Autism Center of Tulsa was having their 10th annual A-OK Walk for Autism.

Looks like we will have our grandchildren all weekend again since the A-OK Walk for Autism. is April 30th, 2016. Downtown Tulsa has a gathering place called the Guthrie Green. The walk begins there at the Guthrie Green and ends a few blocks away inside ONEOK Field, home of the Tulsa Driller Baseball stadium. One lap around the infield before crossing the finish line is where participants stop and enjoy Autism Awareness Night at the Tulsa Drillers baseball game.

Support autism awareness!