Trusting Adult Kids to God’s Care (Even when it really freaks you out)

by surrender884

The Beggar's Bakery


By: Jana Greene

Yesterday was Mother’s Day, and because it was Mother’s Day, I cried a lot. I cried because it is my first totally empty nest Mother’s Day. I cried because  my own relationship with my mother is fractured into a bazillion pieces. I cried because someone I love didn’t acknowledge me at all. I did have a few tear-free segments of the day, but menopause was around to keep the good times rolling.

I may or may not have fed my feelings heaping spoonfulls of Haagen Dazs Chocolate Chocolate-Chip Ice Cream.

I’m still kind of mopey, honestly. But I’m getting a grip today. I must get a grip today.

Saturday, my two adult daughters and I had a wonderful time celebrating the occasion early (the youngest had to work Sunday, so we did Saturday instead.) This morning, I was thinking of our unconventional, hug-filled, and hilarious times when…

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