by surrender884

Taking a two week vacation from the job is just what I needed. With uncertainty that awaits me when I return to work and the job burnout this has helped.

My wife needed this as much as I. The hectic life of watching the grandkids on weekends till her daughters last day of school has been rewarded. Now we can both getaway for another week.

Six days of living among the pine forest in a cabin, lake fishing and relaxing evenings around the fire pit are what she wanted. She has been collecting stuff to pack for the trip a little at a time.

We have family staying in the house while we are gone. That alone is a great release from worry.

I was going to put to plant the tomato plants but, they will have to wait till we return. The yard has been mowed. No more worry.

The overwhelmed feeling can be diminished by prayer and the retreat from daily living.