His word

by surrender884

It has been two weeks since I learned that my mistakes at work have brought concern that my attitude is a problem. If what I had said caused others to think that I didn’t care anymore wasn’t true. Every time doing the task at hand was important to me to do it right.

Upon hearing that a disciplinary action would be taken against me I left for a two week vacation. It sure took my mind off the upcoming hearing.

I have considered retiring since I am fully vested in my pension and qualify for Social Security and Medicare.

Still while returning to work the actions that could be taken against me have caused anxiety.

Today as I unpacked my lunch box there was my New Testament that I carry with me while at work. As I stood looking at it the Spirit moved me to read it.

I began reading the 22nd chapter of Luke. Jesus is speaking about His upcoming trial and suffering. All of a sudden it made me realize that my upcoming hearing was trivial compared to what He was about to go through. He was doing it for me.

That anxiety I had diminished and a calm sense of peace filled my heart. There is healing in reading His Word if we just believe.