At peace again

by surrender884

It has been quite sometime since I posted anything. Mostly because I had lost the peace that kept me close to my Lord.

I was facing an uncertain future in my career because of errors I made that management believed would cause more damage to the infrastructure.

Before my hearing for disciplinary action I asked for prayers from many people. I also sought out representation from our employees union. On the weekend before the hearing I created a statement explaining what had transpired during the thirty days when my underground line locates were wrong.

All I wanted was for this to be over and to move on. In the morning at the day of the hearing my union chief steward called asking me to meet him an hour before the hearing. He explain what to expect, what to say and not to say at the hearing. It was as if he was my attorney in a court room acting in my defense. That alone put me at ease somewhat.

What really settled my nerves and calmed me down was the prayer I said asking for the holy spirit to be with me during it all before I met the union steward.

As the people from management, Human resources and the department head filed into the meeting room a sense of peace and the feeling that another person was sitting to my left was there. Then the calmness and peace I asked for was present. As the questioning started the words I spoke came out clear without stammering. The uneasiness I thought may happen didn’t.

When the decision was made for disciplinary action against me, I was given one day suspension without pay.  It was finally over.

Back at the office that same afternoon I spoke with one of the management team who brought this action against me. In our discussion I spoke of the prayers I asked for to give me the words and calmness during the meeting that morning. I told her how they were answered prayers. Then she said to me that she was praying for me too.

I brought to near tears and could feel the love of His power there at that moment. My life and especially my spiritual life will never be the same. How great is our God !