Father’s Day

by surrender884

There is a huge difference between Father’s Day and Mother’s Day anymore.

My brothers and I don’t exchange Father’s Day cards or for that matter call each other saying happy Father’s Day. Now Mother’s Day come hell or high water do not forget the women in our lives without giving them the honor for being a mother. I will never forget the first year being with my wife how not getting her anything for Mother’s Day or recognizing other women who were mothers. I thought honoring my mother was all I needed to do.

My father died when I was thirteen and even back then Father’s Day if there was one isn’t as big as today. I have had stepsons from a previous marriage and occasionally  I may hear from one of them on Father’s Day. Here in the past couple of years my wife’s daughter gives me a gift. Other then that it is a peaceful day with not much fanfare.

Tomorrow my wife and I will attend my employers City of Tulsa picnic. It has been unseasonably hotter then normal, so we will stay for a couple of hours instead of the four hours it is being held. If the grandchildren and my stepdaughter come along it would be a perfect day.

I received my present from my wife today. A dozen large chicken wings cooked on the outside grill coated in barbecue sauce. Chicken wings and boiled mussels are my favorite foods so on either Father’s Day or my birthday that is what I get.

In ending let me say Happy Father’s Day to you guys where ever you are . I especially want to thank my Lord and Father who made this all possible because He loved me before I was born.