Social Media

by surrender884

Having logged into Facebook today I came away thinking, how boring. Years ago it fun to see all of the people promoting ideas. I even made friends with people in other countries.

I went through my likes list and to tell you the truth almost all of them would be deleted but, three or four would be left on the list. It appears that no one makes an effort to post anything on my page unless  I first do it myself first.

Someone called me the other day to see how I was doing. That is a real friend. Not someone who only responds to a post. Some but, not all of those on my friends list can call me. So I am thinking now that once a month is all the time I have for social media.

The Twitter and Instagram accounts will get the same attention as Facebook.

I spoke with my cousin who has a Facebook account today by phone and it was way more enjoyable then posting and messaging.

I can spend hours reading other’s blog posts here and on other sites. Encouraging others to start a blog hasn’t changed people’s minds much.

When it comes down to brass tacks my Twitter and Facebook friends can read my blog posts on social media if they like because that is where they are shared.