Lord send down your spirit

by surrender884

As a child there was a cartoon where a child is tempted by an angel on his right shoulder to do something that is wrong. On his left shoulder is an angel saying not to.

This came to mind the other day when I remember within the last year that this had happened to me. Not quite like in the cartoon but, still a thought out of no where would occur to me.

These moments of recognizing that there was the presence of a guardian angel or God’s spirit talking to me. It always happened while I was performing my duties on the job.

I would finish part of my work assignment when this gut feeling would come hours later that I hadn’t done all I could to make sure it was done fully and correctly.

Before I put my trust in God and started to live second these sort of moments never happened. Now they do more frequently. The only difference is that before I finish a task that same presence of His spirit is there before I am done.

Thanking Him in my prayers now I have an added dimension because I know He has sent His spirit as he promised he would.

Oh how I love Him for saving me.