Not Home Yet

by surrender884

I thought  I was experiencing writers block. After contemplating why, I came to a conclusion. When I first started there was so much to write, mostly my story of redemption. Now there is more to the story.

This life of mine now is not the final chapter but, a life living in the light. The past was filled with uncertainty. I have found purpose and have joy that only God could give .The choice to retire was to two fold. One was to rest from years of work, the next was to do His will.

He has instructed to reach out to those who have lost hope. Everyday on the job I saw those who needed a helping hand, encouragement or just someone to talk to.  There was as is now a fire in my heart to do His will.  Waiting for Him to say go was the hardest test of faith.

2017 is the year  to do His work and January 1st, 2017 is the date of retirement from work. Talk about joy, five months to cross off the calendar. No time to look back on failures, only knowing that there is no regrets. The past has led to this time set by Him even before I was born. Every heart ache, every bits of wisdom have made this day possible.

What a story to tell that has not been written because it continues till He calls me home.