by surrender884

I’m sitting here in my recliner looking at Woody. Yes, in my recliner and yes, Woody the toy character from the movie “Toy Story”.

We are awaiting the delivery of a new Woody since the one staring back at me on the fireplace got to close to my grandson’s lamp in his bedroom.

That got me thinking about my grandson’s birthday party. Oh, it was a fine celebration if only we could see it through his mind. There was a game, where six other children played a version of musical chairs. There were those same six  children outside swinging at a pinata stuffed with candy. Then it came time to blow out the candles on the birthday cake after everyone sang the Happy Birthday song.

My granddaughter blew out my grandson’s birthday cake candles, because her brother wouldn’t sit at the table surrounded by family and friends. Likewise he didn’t partake in any of the games either. He did reluctantly open his presents though the wrapping paper seem to be more fun for him.

Perhaps his mother will think about my grandson’s future birthdays and really think about birthdays that autistic children have. We have to remember that constant commotion, crowded rooms and participation is not what he deals with well.

His therapy is helping him immensely. He is slowly making progress. At five years of age he likes baseball, action figure toys, splashing around in pools and exploring the outdoors.

There will be more birthday parties. Will he interact like you and I do? We can only hope so. What I will always remember is, even though he and I celebrate our birthdays together it is will always be his day.