Where are you Lord?

by surrender884

We recently had a big problem with doctors coming through for us. My wife had waited three weeks to see a doctor to evaluate her pain. It could be sciatic nerve damage, from the symptoms she has. Only a physician can properly diagnose this problem. Yesterday she found out that the appointment she had was canceled by the doctor’s office. Now she has no idea when she will be treated. I had been praying that something would happen soon.

At times like this it is so easy to lose faith. Why God has this happened after all my praying? Was there something I had to do that I failed to do?  Searching my heart nothing appeared.

I  heard by NF a song “Oh Lord” on our local Christian music station  The rapper’s song sums it up perfectly. He speaks about how we asks if God is up there. How we only want Him when we need Him. So true for us sometimes. How can we expect something from Him if we fail to pray to Him? The first time I heard it, it hit a nerve and woke me up.

When we lose hope in God to move for us, it is because we don’t talk to Him enough. He will come through but, I must be patient.

In the early morning when I drive to work there is a high point in Tulsa where I live. This is a view where the eye can see for miles. The lights of the city are awesome because it illuminates Tulsa and the suburbs to the east. It is at that moment when I am in awe of what God has created for my eye to see.

How can I doubt in Him when all that I see is His gift. My humanistic mind can not grasp how great He is. It is by faith that I believe. I do talk to God and say I will never renounce Him. Trust is all He wants from me. I will wait on you Lord and not lose hope. Your ways are not my ways. Your time is not my time.