by surrender884

Just three months till my retirement and my boss throws me for a loop. From now till my last day at work the job I have been doing for the last ten years has changed. I was informed that most days I could be assigned to just about any duty in my department. The reason given is that someone else has to be trained to do my job so when I retire he will be ready.

What irks me is why I am not training my replacement? So everyday I have no idea where I will be. Manual labor is out of the question as far as I am concerned, since it has been ten years since I had done any.

I was compelled to ask for a truthful explanation on why it has come to this. Moral in our department is at the lowest point right now that I ever remember it being. There is no trust in management’s decision making.

Through much soul searching and prayer the answer I received is just wait it out and it will be over in three months for me.

The only problem is my co workers venting their frustrations to me occasionally. So many times as they start the Spirit tells me to listen and not respond in a negative way. Listening and not responding as I used to is not easy but, then following Jesus was never easy.

Thank goodness I have the Spirit of the Trinity to guide me each and everyday. Soon enough the 35 years I have worked in municipal government will come to an end. How joyfully  I look forward to retirement. From then on out I will be working for God’s glory with the promise of salvation.