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Month: November, 2016

How a Trump Presidency may reverse the decline of Mainline Christianity

The Millennial Pastor

Since that fateful early morning announcement on 11/9 that Donald Trump had been elected president, I have felt like we have been living in the opening scenes of one of those movies. You know, the ones where oblivious and unassuming people are living in a world that is about to be completely changed for the worse, but no one believes it. You know, a disaster movie.

And in the days since the election, news continues flooding out with so many scandals relating to the Trump transition (he isn’t even in office yet) it is hard to know what to focus on, from Trump’s White Supremacist Chief Strategist, to an unhinged National Security Advisor, to global uncertainty, to Obama having to deal with a flood of concerned world leaders, to Trump’s ties to Russian interference in the election, to Trump’s insane list of conflicts of interests

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Kindness Matters

What would Thanksgiving Day be without kindness?

This Thanksgiving I am thankful for kindness shown to me by others.

When I come home from work and my wife finds me napping in the recliner she covers me with a throw blanket.

At church when I enter through the front doors there is always someone giving a smile.

In the grocery store the person that says to me to go ahead since I have one item to pay for.

One of my siblings living in another part of the country calling just to talk.

Sharing life changing moments with a new friend who embraces me afterward.

A co worker purchasing carnations for others in the office and me when I never expected it.

The homeless man I saw with the sign that said “SMILE”.

The person that called me by mistake and says sorry for calling the wrong number.

Most of all I am thankful my God who forgives me when I sin. His love living in me has me paying it forward in kindness to others.