Kindness Matters

by surrender884

What would Thanksgiving Day be without kindness?

This Thanksgiving I am thankful for kindness shown to me by others.

When I come home from work and my wife finds me napping in the recliner she covers me with a throw blanket.

At church when I enter through the front doors there is always someone giving a smile.

In the grocery store the person that says to me to go ahead since I have one item to pay for.

One of my siblings living in another part of the country calling just to talk.

Sharing life changing moments with a new friend who embraces me afterward.

A co worker purchasing carnations for others in the office and me when I never expected it.

The homeless man I saw with the sign that said “SMILE”.

The person that called me by mistake and says sorry for calling the wrong number.

Most of all I am thankful my God who forgives me when I sin. His love living in me has me paying it forward in kindness to others.