To yield to the power of another is the meaning of surrender according to the dictionary as a verb. Now as a noun it is the act of yielding oneself.

Since starting this blog, Surrender884, was exactly what I had in mind. To surrender to the power of another by yielding myself to God.

As I look back on the past year so many times I yielded to powers of another. Not all circumstances of surrender were just to Him.

When my mother was slowly slipping away in her health I had to realize there was nothing I could possibly do to stop it. Surrender.

The time my employer thought it best to remove me from my position for a period of time for discipline. Surrender.

My mother-in-law passed away who I loved like my own mother. Surrender.

Working through problems with Medicare. Surrender.

My own mother passes away in December.  Surrender.

What else could I do but, surrender to the power of another.