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Month: January, 2017

January 13 – When God Shows Up


Then Jacob awoke from his sleep and said, “Surely the Lord is in this place, and I wasn’t even aware of it!” (Genesis 28:16)

Read: Genesis 28:1 – 29:35, Matthew 9:18-38, Psalm 11:1-7, Proverbs 3:11-12

Relate: There were about six of us sitting around the table playing Monopoly. Normally, any story that starts out this way will not end well. I tend to be a wee bit competitive and so does pretty much everybody in my family.  I remember playing at my apartment with a few cousins when two of us ganged up on the third cousin’s fiance in an attempt to force her into bankruptcy. Our engaged cousin got so angry at us he stood up and flipped the table before storming off into his room. Poor Jen just sat there in awkward silence before saying, “Yah, he loves me.” Another time, in Bible college, a guy jumped over a…

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Lost and Found

Before 2016 came to and end two people who I loved went to their heavenly reward.

I had found someone who needs me because one of the people who passed away last year left a void in his life. Even though I can’t replace the the one he loved I can spend to time with him. For the last few weeks I have enjoyed televised football games like never before. In away he has filled a void in my life.

My father has been dead for more then six decades now and it was my father in law who lost his wife in 2016. Strange how now I have a close friend who I can call dad again. Just today we were talking about traveling to see his NFL football team play.

He and I watch old television westerns one after another, go to church together and reflect on the scripture read during mass.

I owe a bit of gratitude to my wife for suggesting I spend time with her father. In a sense I believe that the purpose prayed for has been revealed to me now. God does answer our prayers in ways least expected.



Leap of Faith

They said why don’t you retire and draw your pension with Social Security benefits?

They were right. Why work in a job that wasn’t going to go anywhere? Why work through another winter and the stifling heat of summer?

Get your ducks in a row and retire. Everything was there just as I thought but, taking that leap of faith.

Notified my employer that the date has been chosen. Now it was time for them to make it happen.

The last day of December 2016 everything need to make it official was presented to me for signing. And signing on the line is what I did.

With a smile on my face and the new life ahead I took a leap of faith.

What a life it is. It took some time to adjust my body clock to sleep a little later. A friend recommended an app called Laudate, for the daily bible readings. There wasn’t enough time in mornings when I worked to read the days readings. Now it is the first thing every morning to do. Reflections on the scripture readings is part of the app. How great it is to be in the spirit before taking that first sip of coffee and doing morning chores at an easy pace.