Leap of Faith

by surrender884

They said why don’t you retire and draw your pension with Social Security benefits?

They were right. Why work in a job that wasn’t going to go anywhere? Why work through another winter and the stifling heat of summer?

Get your ducks in a row and retire. Everything was there just as I thought but, taking that leap of faith.

Notified my employer that the date has been chosen. Now it was time for them to make it happen.

The last day of December 2016 everything need to make it official was presented to me for signing. And signing on the line is what I did.

With a smile on my face and the new life ahead I took a leap of faith.

What a life it is. It took some time to adjust my body clock to sleep a little later. A friend recommended an app called Laudate, for the daily bible readings. There wasn’t enough time in mornings when I worked to read the days readings. Now it is the first thing every morning to do. Reflections on the scripture readings is part of the app. How great it is to be in the spirit before taking that first sip of coffee and doing morning chores at an easy pace.