In the twilight zone

by surrender884

Back before I retired there was an employee based health insurance that covered my wife and I. The cost was near one third of my monthly income. We managed to squeak by every month after meeting a deductible required by the insurance provider.

Being qualified for Medicare coverage it went smooth for me. Sure there were not as many doctors to choose from but, I found one that met my needs. Out of pocket expenses with my supplemental insurance are reasonable.

Today my wife searched for a new physician with her health insurance provider online. Here in Oklahoma health insurance providers are slim. Two actually offer health insurance since the ACA went into effect. The cost for her coverage is the same as I paid for family coverage while employed.

Fifteen physicians were listed online by her health insurance provider. Of those fifteen listed the majority do not exist by location and phone number. The three that were available had a wait time of two to three weeks. Eventually she will finally find one to care for her health.

We have been through this same kind of search when I was employed, to find physicians located in the twilight zone. They are listed yet they don’t exist. You would think that an insurance provider would keep a record of physicians up to date. Apparently not a high priority for them.

With the talk of the ACA being repealed and replaced we can only hope that the health insurance providers will get their priorities focusing on the customer first. It is a sad country we live in where the cost of health care and greed of the same overlook the needs of their citizens.