Life has changed tremendously since my last post. My wife and I were to travel to Ireland this month. Crcumstances beyond our control changed everything we had planned for my retirement years.

In late June of this year our third grandchild was born. She is our second granddaughter. Then on July 3rd of this year my wife’s daughter who had given birth to our second granddaughter died the day she was to be released from the hospital maternity wing.

We became on the day of her death parents of the remaining grandchildren and the newborn baby girl. It would be six weeks before our third granddaughter would be released from the hospital’s NICU unit.

My dream of visiting Ireland would be replaced with raising the most precious little girl I had ever laid eyes on and her two siblings, a boy and a girl.

Luckily I had put back enough money that my wife and I would have a stress free retirement for years to come.  There are times when twenty-fours in a day is not enough. Gone are the days of uninterrupted sleep. It has taken me over an hour to write this much.

Not for a loss of words am I. One feeding, diaper change and all that entails takes time. Time away from other activities I used to enjoy in the evening hours. Raising children is more than time-consuming. It is a commitment raising three young children. I never had the opportunity to be a Dad. God has given me the task to be a Dad and I intend to be one now.

Before in other posts I wondered what God’s plan was for me. Today there is no doubt what His plan is. ┬áTo be a committed parent is His plan.