What if….

When I first started writing here it was done on a tablet. Try to imagine typing on a tablet with a seven inch screen and seeing the end result when complete. The choice to upgrade was the best choice. Now it is done on a laptop. That was my first What if moment.

Next year I will reach a mile stone. Reaching the age of retirement according to Social Security Administration in 2017 gives me much satisfaction. So what if I did retire from my job?  No more setting the clock alarm for 5:30 am. No more spending my first waking hour getting dressed and putting on steel toe boots. No more scraping the windows of my work assigned pickup truck every frosty winter morning before driving to the office. My job is not labor intensive by any means. Just driving continuously around town for eight hours a day, five days a week and locating underground traffic signal lines. I could work a few more years maybe.

What if I put retiring off for awhile?  Medicare goes into effect soon for me, plus I have medical insurance at work? I suppose waiting until the new president is elected is another option to consider. All I am left with is too many What if…choices.

The bright side is at least I have this laptop to write on.